Bank of sounds of Ukraine


100,000,000 UAH

on Reusable hearing protection earplugs


125,000 the defenders


What do you get for your donation?


from 20UAH

  • Certificate of gratitude
  • Sound generated for you


from 20 000UAH

  • Certificate of gratitude
  • Access to the entire Bank of sounds/ Access to the entire Sound Bank


from 100 000UAH

  • Certificate of gratitude
  • Access to the entire Bank of sounds/ Access to the entire Sound Bank
  • An invitation to lunch with a secret guest

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More about the project / Project details

The project is implemented as part of the campaign “Do you hear? Plus. Plus” from the NGO “Vidchui”.

Ammunition is a protection, an opportunity to save health or even life. Hearing protection is just as important as protection of hands, feet and head. Permanent explosions and shooting lead to unconsciousness, contusion and hearing loss. As part of the project “Do you hear? Plus. Plus” NGO “Vidchui” purchasing and giving Reusable hearing protection earplugs to the defenders, which have a high degree of protection against peak sound waves and are comfortable to use.

Let’s rally so that our defenders can hear their peaceful life after our victory, which we are fighting for and bringing closer with all our power!


The goal is to collect UAH 100,000,000 for individual protective filters to protect the hearing of 125,000 of our defenders


Today our daily life sounds completely different.
JSC “Oschadbank” and NGO “Vidchus” created “Bank of sounds/ Sound Bank of Ukraine” – a repository with 100 audio recordings from the life of Ukrainians


Only now everyone have felt how much they can miss the laughter of a child next to them, unrestrained ovations at concerts, the crackling of egg-shells in the morning — the ordinary sounds of life


Each of us has an inner album of super hits. Among these sound memories, the most precious are the rustling of autumn leaves on the first date, a trip to the Crimea for a “honeymoon”, and the first cry of a baby

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"Vidchui" —

is a public organization founded by Lyudmila and Andrii Pyshnyi


Since 2011, it systematically provides the rehabilitation, assistance, socialization, protection and support in implementation of the rights of children and adults with hearing impairments and their families, as well as fostering a culture of caring for one’s own hearing.

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